AFT personnel have utilized their extensive experience in performing program management, technical management, designing, developing, testing, and integrating products on and in support of the following platform systems:

  • Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) (Marine Corps)
  • Tactical Control System (TCS) Acoustic-Rapid COTS Insertion (ARCI) Advanced Processor Build (APB) and Technology Insertion (TI) Program (Naval Sea)
  • VIRGINIA Class Photonics Mast Workstation ARCI APB/TI Program (TI-PMW) (Naval Sea)
  • H-60 Armed Helicopter (HH-60H and SH-60B) FLIR/Hellfire Integration program (Naval Air)
  • MH-60S Offensive and Defensive Subsystem (Naval Air)
  • H-60 Programmable Interface Unit (PIU) Safety Critical Weapon Replaceable Assembly (WRA) (Naval Air)

AFT personnel have successfully executed multiple Research and Development (R&D) projects that have produced prototypes under contract to ONR via the Hawaii Technology Development Venture (HTDV) for the following technologies::

  • 360 Persistent Sensor (360PS) Real-Time, Omni-Directional Camera and Video Processing Algorithm (ONR)
  • RapidSecure Advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (ONR)
  • ZeroGrid Renewable, Sustainable, Expeditionary Smart Power Grid (ONR)

AFT personnel have performed various R&D related systems and software engineering services for the following:

  • Framework for Assessing Cost and Technology (FACT) project (Marine Corps)
  • Application Reverse Engineering (Air Force)
  • Algorithm Research, Development, and Integration (Air Force)
  • Navy Open Architecture Track Manager (OATM) System Integration / Design Agent (SI/DA) program (Naval Sea)
  • AEGIS Open Architecture (OA) Command & Decision Re-engineering task (Naval Sea)
  • E-2C Operational Flight Program (OFP) OA Re-engineering task (Naval Air)