Quality Assurance

At Advanced Fusion Technologies (AFT), our first priority is to satisfy our customers. We are committed to provide value to our customers by offering highly reliable products and services, rapid response to their needs, and innovative solutions to their problems. Every AFT employee is a member of the corporate Quality Assurance Team. Each employee has the responsibility of achieving the quality objectives and fulfilling the requirements for the quality of the products and services that AFT provides.

AFT has begun the implementation of a quality system that assures conformances to specific requirements contained in ISO 9001:2000. AFT has an established formal Quality Management System (QMS) at the corporate level as well as contract specific QMS programs and procedures Our processes are monitored to ensure their efficiency and we continually look to improve those processes by embracing creative change and striving for technical excellence.

AFT's Quality Management System is based on the principle of delivering professional services that completely meet the objectives established by our clients. To achieve this, our process incorporates the following:

  • Approved product quality assurance process that is established and maintained within the project schedule and outlined in the project plan.
  • Relevant stakeholders are identified and involved when using the quality assurance process.
  • On-going peer reviews with staff and managers to communicate quality issues and ensure resolution of noncompliance issues. Noncompliance issues are objectively tracked and communicated, ensuring resolution.
  • Adherence of the performed process and associated work products and services to applicable process descriptions, standards, and procedures are objectively evaluated.
  • Activities, status, and results of the quality assurance process are reviewed with higher-level management.
  • Work products, measures, measurement results, and improvement information derived from planning and performing the quality assurance process are collected. This information is used to support the future use and improvement of AFT's processes and process assets.